Rainy Hikes: White Oak to Cranny Crow Overlook

View from the top of cranny crow overlook

My friend, D and I, hiked to Cranny Crow Overlook from Lost River State Park in good ole WV. The park is super small, we (meaning me because I was driving) drove past the parking lot for the hike and about five seconds later we had left Lost River.

Fortunately, we  eventually found the lost river, or at least the parking lot in Lost River which led us to a nice hike. The first bit was chill, meandering along a nice river path that followed the road. There was a suspension bridge at the beginning we crossed, which I was not feeling.

Then we arrived at a Dreaded Fire/Service Road or whatever they are and lemme tell you something, Linda, I do not like walking on these roads.

At the end of the road, we made a sharp left onto White Oak trail (I had wisely screenshotted directions ahead of time, otherwise we would’ve taken the wrong trail).

There were several switchbacks, but eventually we (meaning D) got tired and just went straight up the mountain since there were also trails that went through the switchbacks/straight up the mountain (do these have a name? regular trail maybe?). Nevertheless, it was yet another stark reminder of how out of shape I have become.

After that we followed Millers Something Trail (it was yellow I think…) until we reached Cranny Crow Overlook. There was a shelter there (and it was (naturally) raining) so we took some pictures, ate lunch, and relaxed.

And here lies the place where I lost my footing and almost plummeted down the mountain trying to get pictures for Instagram. Kidding, at least about trying to get a picture. D (bless her) agreed to go hiking with me even though she had a virtual meeting. By some miraculous move of God (or probably because there was a tower nearby) there was cell service at the top so she went on her call and I walked down to Cheeks Rocks, because it was cold, windy, and lightly raining and I was trying to warm up.

The rocks looked cool, so I tentatively stepped onto them and wham! Foot slipped. Fortunately, I did not fall. But I did turn around and meander back over to D who was still in her virtual meeting.

Right about now, the heavens began dumping buckets of water on us. Did I already mention it was freezing cold and windy? And foggy, and whenever it’s foggy and I’m in the woods, I spend an inordinate amount of time pondering The Mist by Stephen King and envisioning some strange creatures lurking around the woods, waiting to eat me.

Anywho, we weren’t feeling very adventurous (and it was raining) so we decided not to attempt the loop and just went back the way we came.

Would rate at 8/10 – 1 point for fire/service road, -1 point for the weather not bending to my will/where’s the lost river? Would definitely return for the views though.


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