Flowery Hikes: High Knob

Despite having hiked to High Knob Fire Tower a dozen plus times, this was the only time all four of the following conditions were met:

1: The trees were green.

2. It was not rainy/foggy .

3. Flowers were blooming.

4. I was matching my hiking partner.

Pink flowers in the middle of the woods

And this all happened on my first hike here, which spoiled me during subsequent visits (when it was either raining or brown)

Black dog staring longily at the mountains from the top of a fire tower

This is Nala, who was not feeling the fire tower at the end. We cheered her up the stairs (like literally screamed, “You can do it, Nala! ” For about 5 minutes until she went up with us). This is not my dog (I do not have a dog), but a dog I was dog sitting for.

Anyway, 10/10. This hike is one of my favs when I want to hike but don’t want to put in the effort of really hiking (as in driving to some far away location, packing a bunch of snacks/water, and being out all day).

Also, I recommend the redneck gas station further down 33 (pass the parking lot for High Knob; just keep going – it’s the first one there, you can’t miss it). The bathrooms are very clean and they have ice cream for dogs, which this old man recommended I get for Nala who (apparently) yowled like the devil was on her heels the entire time I was was using the restroom. The ice cream for humans wasn’t bad either.

View of the blue ridge mountains


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