Watery Hikes: Hidden Rocks in Virginia

A bunch of dewy green leaves

These rocks really are hidden. Hence the name Hidden Rocks.

I was going to post something for Black Hikers week but a.) I forgot  (I didn’t even know there was a black hikers week, actually) and b.) I didn’t go hiking that week, or in the following weeks. But like happy late black hikers week???

Anywho, I like this hike a lot but somehow I always forget I have to cross the river and get really wet, and I always (always) wear the wrong shoes. Or don’t remember to bring extra socks, which makes for a squelchy drive home.

Water rolling over rocks in a river bed. There is woods around it, which are green

But this hike is super short and chill until near the end where you gotta climb a staircase to get to the (very) hidden rocks.

The view at the ends not bad, but it is hidden behind lots of trees. Cause, ya know, the rocks are hidden and all.

Anyway, This is a perfect short hike for this unearthly, Virginia hot weather. I’ve also seen people rock climbing here, which 100% isn’t my thing but to each his own.


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