Rating Kpop Songs I Didn’t Hate in 2021

Not sure why I’m still trying to blog 3x a week because I don’t have anything meaningful to say.

Anyway, I listen to Korean music. Thus, I’m going to rate the Korean songs I didn’t hate last year.

All ratings are my own opinions and my opinions are absolute trash.


  • blue outfits are super cute
  • super catchy chorus
  • the arm dance is cool
  • the blonde lady with the short hair has a great voice
  • i barely understand Korean and don’t trust subtitles, but the song seems to have an empowering message
  • the concept isn’t too infantilizing, but also not girl crush

Stereotype” Rating: 9.5/10


  • city pop!
  • it’s IU
  • she has a great voice
  • her white dress and purple top are really cute
  • “only love me til the spring – LILAC”
  • basically perfection

Lilac” Rating: 10/10

The Feels” (Twice)

  • the Korean version. I cannot stand English kpop songs because the English is so nonsensical
  • very Twice-esque – it’s bubbly, bright, and fun
  • “you have stolen my heart”
  • these outfits are cute
  • Momo’s hair cut is cute

The Feels” Rating: 9/10

“After School” (Weekly)

  • really like these outfits. they look comfortable
  • this song is a straight bop
  • they look like they’re having fun
  • the vroom vroom dance in the chorus
  • nice hats

After School” Rating: 10/10

“Narcissism” (Sunmi)

  • not sure what the title track for this album was but this song is better
  • very dramatic and moody
  • catchy chorus
  • feel a bit attacked she titled a song after me

“Narcissism” Rating: 9.8/10

“Abittipsy” (Youha)

  • this song is a straight bop
  • city pop vibes
  • Youha is really underrated
  • she has an interesting voice
  • her outfits are nice

“Abittipsy” Rating: 10/10

Swipe (ITZY)

  • didn’t like this at first but it grew on me
  • they have great stage presence
  • Chaeryoung has great hair
  • like whatever is going on with Ryujin’s two-toned hair too
  • makes me want to swipe left on every dude on Tinder despite never having used it

Swipe” Rating: 8.5/10

“My Universe” (BTS)

  • it’s not really a BTS song but I wish it was
  • “We are made of each other, baby”
  • Coldplay is great though
  • a bop
  • the lyrics are cute

My Universe” Rating: 10/10

“Savage” Aespa

  • “don’t you know i’m a savage?”
  • not sure if i like the chorus, or repeated listens have brainwashed me
  • they have really pretty voices
  • the pre-chorus sounds really good
  • the bridge is weird but cute
  • the outfits are kinda whack but they manage to pull them off

“Savage” Rating: 8/10

“Bad Sad And Mad” (BIBI)

  • the title is basically the energy i brought into 2022
  • BIBI is great
  • mv is cool
  • this song is lit

BAD SAD AND MAD Rating: 10/10

“Nakka” (AKMU with IU)

  • happiness for my ears
  • nice newtro vibes
  • “oooh show how we love”
  • IU
  • the chorus is really catchy
  • bass is lit
  • i like the lyrics

“Nakka” Rating: 10/10

“Dun Dun Dance” (Oh My Girl)

  • the mv is really cute
  • “i feel the disco rhythm us mah body!”
  • watching them dance makes me tired
  • their outfits are simple but nice. 10/10 would wear them
  • it’s a solid, fun song but OMG can definitely do better

“Dun Dun Dance: Rating: 8/10

Antifreeze (Yerin Baek)

  • not gonna lie, she could sing anything and I’d love it
  • she has a great voice
  • this song is chill
  • cute art work

“Antifreeze” Rating: 10/10

“Advice” (Taemin)

  • i’m so Taemin biased he could release anything and i’d rate it a 10
  • the piano/instrumental is l i t
  • the dance is also lit
  • overall: lit
  • “best take my own advice!”
  • Taemin is an incredible performer

“Advice” Rating: 10/10

“The Weekend” (Taeyeon)

  • Taeyeon is another person I’m so biased towards it really wouldn’t matter what she released
  • it’s a nice, chill song
  • her voice is amazing
  • giving me Doja Cat “Kiss Me More” vibes (which is also a bop)
  • prefer her more ballad/rock songs though

“The Weekend” Rating: 9.9/10

“BEcause” Dreamcatcher

  • it’s Dreamcatcher
  • it’s like a nice mix between rock and pop
  • Siyeon is a great performer
  • the rapping is… eh
  • the mv is really creepy
  • the chorus dance with their necks is cool
  • i like their red outfits
  • Siyeon’s “I like you!”

“BEcause” Rating: 9.4/10

“Odd Eye” Dreamcatcher

  • another Dreamcatcher song
  • the instrumental is lit
  • the mv is interesting
  • i like the rap here much better
  • the guitar gives me 70s vibes
  • probably my favorite Dreamcatcher song ever

“Odd Eye” Rating: 10/10

“Wow” (Loona)

  • i really don’t understand why this wasn’t the title track
  • it’s a bop
  • it’s catchy
  • it has a chorus
  • it sounds like a Loona song
  • “wow wow wow mumbles something, it’s my time to shine!*

“Wow” Rating: 10/10

Bonnie & Clyde” (Yuqi)

  • i don’t love that the song is in English, but i don’t hate it either
  • this song is a bop
  • Yuqi has a great voice
  • the chorus is catchy and makes sense, lyrically
  • “we don’t need money to feel good” except I do

“Bonnie & Clyde” Rating :10/10

“Boyfriend” Cignature

  • this song is a bop
  • outfits are simple yet elegant
  • “so i call you my boyfriendx2” part is catchy
  • they sound good
  • mv is kinda dark and moody

“Boyfriend” Rating: 10/10

“Knock” (Kwon Jinah with PARKMOONCHIE)

  • this song is a bop
  • she has a nice, hearty voice
  • it’s upbeat and fun

“Knock” Rating: 9.5/10

“Never Let You Go” (Alexa)

  • the mv is pretty
  • i’m a sucker for ballads
  • she has a great voice
  • song makes me mourn the loss of a relationship i’ve never experienced

“Never Let You Go:” Rating: 9.5/10

“Hey Kid, Close Your Eyes” (AKMU)

  • giving retro vibes
  • it’s akmu
  • they have great voiced
  • the mv is a poignant metaphor for growing up (aka it sucks)

“Hey Kid, Close Your Eyes” Rating: 9.5/10

“Nerves” (DPR IAN)

  • mv is dark and moody
  • song is a nice vibe
  • he has a nice voice
  • the song is unfortunately in English but the lyrics makes sense

I’m sure there are other songs, but this is getting long and it’s pointless anyway.

What are your favorite k-songs of 2021?


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