Children Should Be Taken From Their Pro-Choice Mothers (!)

On today’s episode of Useless Things Christians Say to Win Likes and Retweets From Strangers Online: Samantha D. is this close to saying children should be abducted from their mothers over their political views. Abducted and placed in our already overburdened, messed up, and underfunded foster care system, I presume? I’m guessing pro-choice fathers simply don’t exist in her world, since she specified only mothers.

I decided to do some incredibly lazy, probably very incorrect research to determine how many children this could be, because what she said was so stupid I’m actually struggling to believe she thought of this, typed it out, and posted it. Online. For others to read. But not ironically.


According to pew research center, 59% of Americans support abortion. So let’s say 50% of women, and therefore 50% of mothers, are pro-choice (this doesn’t count the fact some may only be pro-choice in certain instances, not generally i.e. the mother’s life is in danger, the mother is a child herself, or the pregnancy is a result of rape/incest). According to the census, in 2009 there were around 85 million mothers. That number has no doubt increased as it’s 2022 but whatever. Halving that leaves us with like 42.5 million mothers who are pro-choice in America alone. The average household has 2.5 kids, so let’s just assume all 42.5 million mothers had 2 kids. Sam here is advocating for the government to kidnap some 85 million kids from their homes because of their mother’s views. Mind you, she’s not even advocating that mothers who’ve had abortions have their children taken away from them, but merely those who are pro-choice.

I don’t know about ya’ll, but kidnapping children from their mothers over their political views is what sounds psychotic to me. Unless she plans on adopting all of these kids, which is still psychotic but if so, I’ll gladly start a GoFundMe for her so she can feed these 80 million children.

The abortion debate leaves no room for dialogue that could lead to any sort of meaningful changes in regards to what both sides want. Generally, if someone sincerely believes a fetus is not alive, there’s no point in trying to convince them otherwise. Taking into consideration the treatment of women throughout history, of course those whom are pro-life seem awful, cruel, and oppressive, wanting to strip women of their autonomy, voice, and ability exist in society as something other than “Earthen vessels”, which is dehumanizing. On the flip side, if one sincerely believes an unborn child is a living being that can feel and is aware of what’s happening to it, those whom are pro-choice seem awful, reckless, and murderous, killing innocent children merely because they view them as an inconvenience. Consequently, neither side can ever have any meaningful conversation about how to prevent women from getting pregnant, or how we can support women who do end up with unwanted pregnancies, because they view the world through entirely different lenses. When your worldview vastly contradicts someone else’s, there’s no way to agree to disagree, and there is no middle ground, because the other side will only be content if they get the opposite of what you want.

Which brings me to my problem with Christians. Certainly there are Christian groups who focus on aiding mothers, but the majority of Christians treat being pro-life as the most important moral issue in the entire Bible, while simultaneously putting forth the bare minimum effort in actually resolving the issue. Evangelicals generally are the loudest and most outraged about everything without lifting a finger to resolve a single thing they’re mad about. They seem to spend more time talking about problems, than even praying about them. It’s become a dangerous, lazy form of Christianity that has mistaken the triumph of a political party, or certain political views, as a triumph for the kingdom of God. Particularly when these political parties do nothing but promote culture wars and encourage division. Just because a politician is pro-life, doesn’t make them Christian.

Banning abortion is like putting a band-aid on gangrene. We may no longer see the problem but there’s still a festering, dying limb beneath all that gauze that needs to be addressed. And not addressed using caricatures and logical fallacies like deliberately finding the most obtuse, wealthy liberal women who say things like “I’d have 547543895439 abortions at 36 weeks pregnant after feeling my child kicking in the womb and if they were still alive after that, I’d strangle it to death with my bare hands and bathe in their blood” to prove a point, when these sort of individuals with their blasé attitudes constitute a minuet portion of women whom get abortions, or support them. That or saying nonsense like “How can U claim to care about children dying because of Gun Violence when u overlook abortion” which I’ve yet to find any scripture where Jesus used this sort of logic for anything but I digress. It’s possible to want children to not have to worry about getting shot-up in school and also be pro-life.

The issues that often cause abortion (lack of healthcare, lack of access to birth control, lack of sex education, lack of support, be it emotional or financial, among other things) will exist with or without heartbeat bills, yet I’m sure many Christians felt some sort of accomplishment at the Supreme court overturning Roe despite it achieving nothing. But again, this is where Christians ought to stop engaging in culture wars and step up. Jesus preached, sure, but He healed the sick, ate with sinners, and protected the vulnerable. He didn’t endlessly rail against the government and sin. In fact He barely had much to say about the government being far too busy actually helping people, instead of complaining online in the synagogues.

Circling back to my sister in Christ, Prolife_Sam is posting generally useless pick-me energy type stuff on Twitter instead of actually doing something. Like I doubt she’s fostering any kids or volunteering/donating at whatever the equivalent of AvaCare is where she lives. Sam is like many Evangelicals more concerned with spouting off useless “hot takes” to win the applause of man whilst doing nothing to resolve the issues they’re talking. Approximately zero pro-choice individuals read that tweet and went, “well gosh golly gee, you’ve changed my entire view on abortion by threatening to kidnap my children. I am now pro-life!”

Faith without works is dead. Instead of using their faith and platforms to work towards solutions that eliminate the problems that plague society, Christians like Sam sit around feeling morally superior for not partaking in certain activities as if that makes them any less of a sinner than everyone else. Furthermore, Amos 5: 21-24 says, “I hate, I despise your feasts and I take no delight in your solemn assemblies. Even though you offer me your burnt offerings and grain offerings, I will not accept them; … Take away from me the noise of your songs; to the melody of your harps, I will not listen. But let justice roll down like waters, and righteousness like and everlasting flowing stream.” (ESV)

Christianity shouldn’t simply be synonymous with pro-life, marches, and signs advocating for the unborn, but for supporting mothers around them in whatever ways they can, even if it’s something as simple as offering to watch someone’s kids for a night, or cooking them a few meals. Care about the children who have been born and advocate for their safety just as hard as you do for the unborn. Push for laws that don’t simply ban abortion, but provide better access to affordable healthcare, paid sick leave, maternity leave, and flexible working hours so mothers don’t have to feel as if they’re choosing between having a kid and being one pay-check away from homelessness. Rather than wait for the limb to die, prevent the wound that caused the gangrene in the first place.

Apparently Pro-choice Christians Don’t Exist


There is no such thing as pro choice Christians! The mockery of Christianity needs to cease! #prochoicechristian #prolifechristian #prolife4life

♬ Prochoice is not of God because God is light – Hannahlee Yoder

I generally like Hannah Lee Yoder, because she’s like always chaotic energy, her kids are cute, and she’s very transparent online instead of curating a happy, life-is-great-when-you-love-Jesus-and-lick-your-husbands-feet 90% of these sort of SAHM type accounts do. Also, regardless of whether or not I personally agree with what someone says, I appreciate those who boldly say whatever despite knowing they’ll get backlash online for it.

That said, my sister in Christ believes one can’t be a pro-choice Christian, which has she read the Bible? Specifically, the gospels? Nowhere does it say “x type of Christians aren’t Christians” other than to warn against false prophets using Christianity for their own gain and not to further the kingdom of God. There is literally one stipulation for being a Christian.

Romans 10: 9-10 says, “…that if you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in your heart that God has raised Him from the dead, you will be saved. 10 For with the heart one believes unto righteousness, and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation.” (NKJV). John 3:16 says that, “whosoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have everlasting life.

One can indeed be pro-choice and a Christian if they believe that Christ died for their sins and accept Him as their Lord and Savior. There are no good works, or lack thereof, that can get us into Heaven. If there were, Jesus wouldn’t have needed to die and our faith is worthless.

This isn’t a pro-choice post. I’m pro-life but until I see the church at large caring as much about those outside the womb as they do the unborn, abortion, will never be the deal-breaker for me that it is to many Christians. I’ve found no Biblical basis to believe God cares more about the unborn than anyone else. And while it is true that once one becomes a Christian, there is an obligation to not only accept Jesus as our Savior, but as our Lord as well, what those like Hannah intentionally ignore is that many pro-choice Christians aren’t pro-choice, rather they prefer to not merely focus on banning abortion but on why they happen and how to prevent them entirely. However, these conversations usually involve advocating for things like universal healthcare, flexible working hours for mothers, a year of paid maternity/paternity leave, and living wages which those like Hannah (as a Trump supporter) believe are socialism and stripping away our freedoms.

Hers is yet another useless post on abortion that’s more concerned with looking holy, than doing anything to actually bring about righteousness. How about making a video urging her followers to donate to organizations like AVA Care (or whatever her local equivalent is) which provide free pregnancy care for expecting mothers? She’s always talking about wanting a lot of kids – how about fostering now or considering adoption? There are an abundance of children without homes who would love a safe, caring environment like the one she could provide.

But of course, that would actually involve doing something and not just being holier-than-thou online about it.

Hannah Lee Yoder is correct on one point though, we will indeed stand before a holy God one day and have to answer for our sins. I have a feeling on that day, many a Christian will be reminded of the passage in Amos 5:23, where God says, “Away with the noise of your songs! I will not listen to the music of your harps. But let justice roll on like a river, righteousness like a never-failing stream.” Or, in laymen’s terms, if you really cared so much, quit giving it lip service and do something about it.

Christians really ought to stop making noisy, outraged “hot takes” on social media for the sake of garnering spiritual wanking points among conservatives, and instead pray, read the Bible, and do something practical about the issues that grieve them. We are His hands and feet, not the government. It’s up to us as Christians to ensure justice for the most vulnerable of us happens. If abortion is truly an issue that breaks your heart, be willing to inconvenience yourselves to do what’s right.

Jesus didn’t spend all his time preaching on Tik Tok in the synagogues, He healed the sick, comforted those who were hurting, fed those who were hungry, and hung out with sinners as friends. As Christians, maybe, just maybe, we can learn a few things from His example and try doing the same.

A Christian Take on the Morgan & Paul Show

Morgan and Paul Olliges are cute, Christian YouTubers who make videos, per their own words, addressing social and cultural issues from a Christian perspective.

But does the latter part of that sentence really hold any truth?.

They recently did a video reacting to some old videos, of which they pretend their opinions might have changed.

So let’s take a look at some of the topics they discuss, here and elsewhere.


Morgan wrote an entire song on abortion.

I wonder if she donated all the money made from that video to places that support women going through unexpected pregnancies? When was the last time Morgan (and Paul) threw a baby shower for a single, expecting mother? Or voted for politicians that support paid maternity/paternity leave, paid sick leave, and universal healthcare? Why aren’t they fostering right now?

Pro-life Christians focus on the tree, not the root, because the tree is easier to cut (banning abortion) and requires minimal effort. Abortion is rooted in poor sex education, lack of access to healthcare/birth control, poverty, the list goes on. Merely banning abortion is the equivalent of putting a Band-Aid on gangrene. Like sure you might not see the problem anymore, but there’s still rotting, dying flesh beneath all that gauze. Discussing abortion while dismissing the criticisms of those who are pro-choice because they care about the quality of life too, be it the mother’s or the child’s, weakens the argument you’re all about life.

Christians should make as much of an effort to improve the lives of the born as we do to ensure they’re born in the first place. Our foster care system is already overrun and underfunded, why isn’t the church focusing on aiding those children?

Now, I’m pro-life. While the Bible doesn’t say anything about abortion, it does say, “before I formed you in the womb, I knew you,” (Jeremiah something). Murder is also a big no, so we can reasonably assume God values the life of the unborn. That said, there are a host of other “sins” that also kill innocents (poverty, gun violence, war, domestic abuse, addiction, etc.). If life is what matters, why are folks like Morgan and Paul not trying to find solutions to these issues as well? Why not take to the streets marching for the life of these folks too? Do they think once a child is born, God no longer cares about them?

Simply put, they’re not really pro-life, they’re pro-whatever-they-can-hold-over-others-to feel-morally-superior-whilst-not-actually-doing-anything-to-help-anybody .

Birth Control

To modern Christians “birth control” seems to only mean the pill, when there exists other, natural methods of birth control that have been around for ages as well as birth control for men. Morgan and Paul are actually pretty okay here in that Morgan says it’s a personal conviction and you should ask God. In their reacting video, she admits she should’ve put a bit more thought into their first video on this topic.


God instructed Adam and Eve to be fruitful and multiply (Genesis), this was however before the Fall and also applies to more than just pumping out kids, but multiplying believers too. If God had a preference as to how many kids one should have, He would’ve mentioned it (or made us like capable or birthing litters). Unlike smart phones, which weren’t around back then, birth has been around since the beginning of time. Movements, like the quiverfull movement, are based off Biblical clownery rather than Biblical truth.


Morgan and Paul seem to think Christians can be political. Problem is, American political parties do not represent Biblical truths. The church cannot support parties containing ideologies that are antithetical to the teachings of Christ (Trumpism/conservativism) while claiming to have some sort of moral high-ground on issues like marriage and abortion. There is something to being in the world, but not of the world. But look at Christian’s support of Trump, a man who is prideful, dishonest, violent, prone to slander/gossip, an adulterer- all things the Bible condemns. It’s clear Christians cannot be in politics without also being of the world, because they aren’t willing to call out sin when it comes from someone they like.

I often see the argument of, “well God uses imperfect people to enact his will.” True. David was a man after God’s own heart. David also slept with Bathsheba under dubious circumstances in terms of consent, then arranged for her husband to be killed. However, folks act like David wasn’t punished, called out, and made to repent. Likewise,  the church should call out sin, regardless of whether or not we agree with the politics of that person. Since the duo are Trump supporters and have made few comments (if any) condemning the wrong things Trump has done, we know they’re not willing to call a spade a spade every time they see one.

Morgan and Paul also have some third-wheel here saying he won’t lose friendships over political views. It’s clear he’s not talking about people who’d be more than happy to genocide anyone who’s not like them here. Also, we know Jesus said to tie a stone around the neck of anyone who harms children and throw them in the ocean so like yeah, even from a Biblical perspective, there are some views/issues we should indeed cut people off for.


Here, Paul and Blue Shirt Third Wheel talk about modesty.

Right away, they tell women to ask whether or not something they wear is a stumbling block for men. Mind you, they don’t ask if women should consider if what they’re wearing honors God or reflects the fact their bodies are a temple and that they’re treasured, daughters of Christ. Nope, it’s all about men. So already they’re approaching this topic from the wrong perspective (coddling men, rather than pleasing God). And they’re focused on superficial purity, rather than purity of the heart.

Adam and Eve were nude meaning the female body isn’t inherently sexual. Furthermore, in Christ we are born again and therefore capable of “being holy” as God is holy (1 Peter 1:15), meaning we can indeed overcome lust. The question here should be, “Should Christians be able to exhibit self-control?” Or “Should Christians who lust after girls in bikinis gouge their own eyes out in order to be holy?” Yes and yes.

Self-control is a fruit of the Spirit and Jesus says they will know us by our fruits. That Christian men struggle the most with looking at knees, belly buttons, and shoulders indicates the church is doing something wrong. I shouldn’t feel more comfortable in a bikini waltzing around the beaches of LA than I would around my Christian brothers, yet that is always the case. I’d be more respected around non-Christian men in a bikini, than I would at a youth group pool party. Why is it that non-Christian men can exhibit more self-control and respect than Christian men? Because the church focuses on the appearance of holiness (2 Timothy 3:5), rather than true holiness from the heart. The focus should be less on being modesty, and more on cultivating self-control and condemning lust in all it’s forms. Modesty has a place, but it’s not limited to clothing and shouldn’t be the focus of purity talks.

In their reacting back video, Morgan in particular seems high-key confused as to why Christian women would get so offended over two men telling women how to dress. Given the church’s history of shifting the blame of sexual abuse entirely on the victim, yeah I really can’t imagine at all why anyone would be offended at such a shallow take on this topic.

Topics like modesty can’t be talked about without addressing the prevalence of sexual abuse in the church (The Duggar family admitted on television incest is normal among their circles. Imagine the reaction if Jim Bob had said abortions are normal). When you have literal children like Joy Duggar being molested by her brother, Josh Duggar, it’s clear the issue isn’t what women are wearing and thus the solution is not to cover up. But again it’s far easier to make women wear sackcloth and ashes, than it is to teach men to have self-control, to take responsibility for their own thoughts/actions, and that sexual feelings and desires are totally normal, and nothing to be ashamed of in the first place (doesn’t mean you have to act or dwell on them though – 2 Corinthians 10:5).

Really, if Paul ft. blue shirt third wheel just discussed this topic with some common sense, they likely wouldn’t get the amount of hate they do.

Stop Living In Sin

Morgan always sounds like she’s on the verge of tears.

Also, last I checked, pride is one of the seven deadly sins. Vanity too. Anyone, peeped Paul’s Instagram page? Nothing but pictures of the “self.” Timothy talks about being “lovers of self….” in 2 Timothy 3.

Anyway, this probably wouldn’t be a terrible video and they even admit to needing forgiveness except again… this is a very shallow take. Sin isn’t limited to sexual sin, like this video insinuates. Unfair wages God calls an abomination. God also hates exploitation of the poor *coughs in capitalism.* As does He hate worshipping idols like the American flag, nationalism, and Trump. Where is this energy for those things?

“If a man is righteous and does what is just and right—  if he does not eat upon the mountains or lift up his eyes to the idols of the house of Israel, does not defile his neighbor’s wife or approach a woman in her time of menstrual impurity, does not oppress anyone, but restores to the debtor his pledge, commits no robbery, gives his bread to the hungry and covers the naked with a garment, does not lend at interest or take any profit, withholds his hand from injustice, executes true justice between man and man, walks in my statutes, and keeps my rules by acting faithfully—he is righteous; he shall surely live, declares the Lord God.” (Ezekiel, ESV)

Morgan also calls what sounds like depression laziness, which ok?


So are Morgan and Paul really addressing social and cultural issues from a Christian worldview?

Sometimes, but mostly they’re just spouting off their personal opinions filtered through a conservative, right-leaning lens.

Morgan and Paul ought to take the time to study Scripture, maybe go to seminary (they don’t work so they have the time), taking all things into consideration before making a video. You simply can’t just read the Bible and fully understand what it’s saying without doing some research on the culture, context, etc. of which some of it was written, particularly if you want to teach others.

Since their whole schtick is being Christian social commentators, they should do so in a manner of excellence, “Whatever you do [whatever your task may be], work from the soul [that is, put in your very best effort], as [something done] for the Lord and not for men.” (Colossians 3:23, AMP). Not lazy and half-heartedly like they do now.

To end.

Agreed, brother. Agreed.

Morgan and Paul Show Rating: 6.3/10