Biblical Clownery: Jesus Doesn’t Love You

Generally, I like Hannah Janel Williamson as she’s one of the few young, Christian women with a public platform who aren’t teaching that women need to stay home and have kids, and eternally talking about her season of singleness a la Bethany of Girl Defined, nor is she grifting and scamming people out of money like Brittany Dawn. That bar is admittedly fairly low. Nevertheless, she shows how one can be fruitful and multiply by evangelizing, and that yes women can indeed be preachers and teachers, and don’t have to sit around waiting for marriage or whatever, but can have a rich life of ministry, career, and relationships prior to or even in lieu of that. She reminds me a bit of Anna from Luke 2:36-38, a prophet who devoted herself to fasting and praying at temple.

That said, Hannah posted something quite inane.

What even is the point of this lol. Does this help discipline Christians, or lead the lost to Christ? No.

Jesus loves you basically is the entire gospel. John 3:16, For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life.” (ESV) Of course, believing Jesus is your Savior and Lord is also part of the gospel. But the core is that God loved us so much what mattered most was Him providing us a way to be with Him in eternity through Jesus Christ. If we do nothing else our entire lives but believe in Jesus Christ, we will be saved. Really, not that complicated.

Furthermore, it’s the love of Christ that compels us to share the gospel, not fear of hell fire and brimstone. Once we become saved, are we obligated to live a certain way? Yes. Slothicus 4:20 says, “And Jesus said “if you fear me, you will obey my commands”.”

Wrong. John 14:15 says, “Jesus replied, “All who love me will do what I say. My Father will love them, and we will come and make our home with each of them”.” Once we’re saved, there is an obligation to begin bearing good fruit but the gospel itself is basically that Jesus loves us, died for us, and wants a relationship with us. Fairly straightforward.

Hannah Williamson seems to be falling prey to this weird anti-love, anti-self-care attitude conservatives have been adopting in an attempt to not be like other girls the world/progressive Christians. The end result is saying things that are just stupid and do absolutely nothing to advance the kingdom of God, or benefit anybody regardless of what they believe in. Worst still, these things are often not even scriptural.

James 3:1 says, “Not many of you should become teachers, my brothers, for you know that we who teach will be judged with greater strictness.” (ESV) Those whom build platforms as Christian teachers need to be careful to not just spew Christianese that sounds cool for the sake of gaining spiritual wanking points from conservatives. Rather, we should do all for the glory of God, in a manner of excellence, making sure all that we preach is backed by scripture and not just some poorly thought out “hot take”.

Hannah should probably take another look at her own Instagram bio…

And actually Bring People Back to Biblical Truth.

Paul Olliges Is Upset Twitter is Pro-Life

Paul Olliges, of the Morgan and Paul show, is half of the Christian couple duo who post hot takes on YouTube from a “Christian” perspective. And by “hot” they parrot already widely popular conservative views on social and cultural issues that 100% of conservatives already agree with.

Generally, Morgan and Paul don’t have anything thought-provoking, nor Scriptural, to add to whatever they’re talking about. But Morgan has a very pretty voice, great fashion style, and some super cool tattoos so they present as more normal compared to the likes of Girl Defined and they also aren’t scamming people out of money like Brittany Dawn so… it’s something.

Morgan has been very publicly struggling with infertility for the past several years, something Paul (her husband) has neither spoken about, nor publicly supported her in, which I find incredibly odd given Paul is always talking about how people not having kids are the reason the world is ending or something (which it’s shady posting this sort of stuff when you know your wife desperately wants kids…).

Anyway, Paul is upset his random Bible verse he probably pilfered from the Bible app’s verse of the day didn’t get as many retweets as his wife, Morgan, getting pregnant after five years of struggling with infertility.

Ladies, marry a man who gets upset at your unborn child #dontsettle #kingdommarriage

Granted, critical thinking is often not many a Christians strong point and it seems Paul Olliges is no exception. But it doesn’t take a genius to recognize most people, Christian and non-Christian alike, are excited when new life is brought into the world. Naturally, Morgan’s pregnancy post is going to get a lot of attention, especially considering she’s a public figure. Also, I can legit read the Bible myself – why am I gonna like some rando’s Bible verse on Twitter?

The post reeks of jealously, which envy is one of the 7 deadly sins. However, it also highlights a larger issue I have with the majority of Christian, male influencers, which is that they aren’t at all like Christ, nor do they exemplify Biblical masculinity in the way they should. Yet their wives often uphold them as the pinnacle of masculinity with traits other men should emulate. Much discourse among these “traditional” circles is spent waxing poetic about how women should smile, cook, have sex no matter what, stay home, etc. as if these things are peak femininity when none of this stuff is mentioned in the Bible as things women have to do. Yet, very few of these circles also hold men to high Biblical expectations as it pertains to masculinity, namely God’s command that a leader is one who serves, and that husbands should lay aside their desires and lives for their wives. Paul Olliges doesn’t even have a job and his poor wife was living in a friends basement until recently. Ironically, working is actually something the Bible does command husbands do, even saying, “[b]ut if anyone does not provide for his relatives, and especially for members of his household, he has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever.”

Paul hasn’t even bothered posting about his soon-to-be-child either, which as someone who’s repeatedly shamed others for not having more children, you would think his own child would be worth celebrating.

My bro in Christ seems to be like many popular “Christian” social influencers – a conservative cosplaying as a Christian in order to live a certain lifestyle, rather than a genuine Christian interested in becoming more like Jesus and bringing others to Christ. Of course, God only knows Paul’s heart, but from celebrating arsons burning buildings, to whining about vaccines and masks, shaming others for not having more children when he has 0, and whining about having to pay $10 to buy his wife a pizza (like seriously, it’s $10.), he certainly doesn’t exemplify many of the fruits of the spirit publicly. And people usually put on their best face for social media.

Jesus says they will know us by our fruits. Kindness, gentleness, self-control, patience, humility – these traits are evidence of a walk with God. We should expect to see these things in other Christians, particularly from husbands whom are tasked with spiritually leading families. In the absence of good fruit, we should question whether or not someone is really a Christian, or just pretending to be. Jesus instructs us to cut down every tree that doesn’t bear good fruit and to straight up avoid false prophets. As Christians, we should be careful not to support those whom consistently and publicly display behavior opposite of what Christ teaches, especially men whom should lead in displaying Biblical fruit.

No one is perfect and God doesn’t expect us to be. However, scripture also tells us that, “not many of you should become teachers, my fellow believers, because you know that we who teach will be judged more strictly.” Those who position themselves as bearers of Biblical truth online should expect to be held to high standards.

It’s important to be sober-minded and alert, and above all, knowledgeable of what the Bible actually says and expects of believers. When we know scripture, we’ll easily be able to pick out those whom are simply using Christianity for their own benefit. Paul Olliges really ought to spend less time trying to own the libs and more time trying to bring them to Christ as Jesus did.

That is, after all, what a true Christian would do.

Brittany Dawn Is (Seemingly) Still Being Scammy

Twas the night before Christmas. All was scammin’, all was lammin’.

Just kidding. It’s 2022 and I’ve somehow managed to pry myself away from Sekiro long enough to remember I have a blog.

As a fellow Christian I’ve long been wary of Brittany’s transformation from fitness guru to Christian influencer because she allegedly took out a 20k PPP loan despite not having a business with employees (other than herself) and not doing anything to prevent the spread of covid (vaccines, mask-wearing, encouraging her followers to do the same), and she already had a well-documented history of scamming women out of their money by issuing out generic work-out plans. When caught she neither apologized, nor gave out many refunds.

Brittany’s husband (Jordan Nelson) is a disgraced, former cop that was fired (TW) over his beating of a black man and subsequently sued by the ACLU over it. He also shot and killed her dog.

Brittany has been caught lying about things that literally don’t matter. Such as then boyfriend Jordan having a closet of clothes in her house before they were married, but insisting they don’t live together.

And saying things like this…

While again not living with each other. Because rather than call the police, she would call her boyfriend (who doesn’t live with her) and wait for him to show up at her house (which he doesn’t live at)… to deal with the intruder…

Not to mention her hypocritical modesty post while every thirst trap she’s ever posted stands undeleted on Instagram.

However, the most shady thing she’s done recently involved a homeless man, James, pictured on the right. Apparently, James (who was homeless and recovering from addiction) showed up at her church one day to tithe his last dime and Brittany began a very visible campaign to help him, financially and spiritually.

The bearded dude is Daddy Hustler, a friend or something.

Brit’s husband, Jordan Nelson (disgraced cop fired for violently beating a man) began a GoFundMe for James (because Brittany’s banned from the site) that amassed quite a large sum of money. Money that has seemingly vanished into thin air since being donated. Brittany has given sparse updates on James despite initially making a huge deal about him on social media, and has provided 0 proof any money went to him (they sent him to a shady rehab place called the Alpha House, that’s 100% free). Given her history of scamming people out of cash and lying about it, this is highly suspect.

Adding to the sus level, Brittany admitted the money for James would change her life in an Instagram story.

Freudian slip? Or innocent misspelling?

Bearded Daddy Hustler posted this clip below semi-recently in which James (the homeless man Brittany helped) says he can’t reach Jordan (Brittany’s husband/a disgraced cop).

Mr. Hustler says the reason James couldn’t get in touch with Jordan (Brittany’s husband) was because Jordan was in… Afghanistan… rescuing kids…

So Brittany posted nearly every day in December with Jordan (I think reddit has an exact timeline but he would’ve had like 2 days to fly to Afghanistan, save kids, and come back). Also, why would literally anyone want a disgraced, violent, former cop there? It’s legit impossible to get into Afghanistan right now.

Daddy Hustler does claim James hasn’t asked for anything, indicating he’s financially being taken care of.

While I understand and agree with the logic of not giving a person recovering from addiction a large sum of money at once, James has family whom should be in control of those funds, not Brittany/Jordan. Furthermore, why didn’t Brittany herself post an update like this given people have been asking about James for a while? The tone of Daddy Hustler’s post indicates he’s been getting a lot of questions; questions that Brittany, as the driving force behind the campaign to bless James, should’ve answered.

Brittany Dawn commented basically to say once James completes his (free) recovery program, the rest of the money would be used to get him a car, etc. The video clip says James is graduating in 8 days and Daddy Hustler congratulated him, so it sounds as if he completed the program. However, I’ve yet to see a post about the nice, new car Brittany got for James. Given that James was trying to contact Jordan (Brittany’s husband/disgraced cop) several days before graduating, that’s plenty of time to purchase him a car.

Brittany eventually responded to Hustler’s post, albeit not with receipts showing where the money went. But with two comments, captured here and here, claiming they call James every week except… James couldn’t get in touch with Jordan? The same Jordan with total control over his money.

Brittany is already tied to an incredible shady foundation called Freedom Shield, that “helps” free women from trafficking despite it being unclear how they help, who they help, and where they’re finding people to help, nor providing any proof they’re helping anyone. Brittany also runs a shady retreat called “She Lives Freed” where women pay roughly $700 for one and a half days. For comparison’s sake, I did some sleuthing and found a church that went to the 3-day Passion Conference in Atlanta in 2020 – ya know the one that has had people like Kari Jobe, Ravi Zacharias, and Lecrae – and everything cost a little under $500 per person (meals, lodging, ticket, etc.). Even if I add an extra $100 for trafficked women or whatever Brittany claims to be supporting with the retreat (which again, she has provided zero evidence of donating any money to anything from this retreat. Given she shares almost everything about her life online and had no qualms initially exploiting James for spiritual brownie points, it’s odd she’s never posted about a single charitable donation), her price still seems ridiculous. Particularly since, besides her, no one there is worth paying to see.

People smarter than me who aren’t wasting time playing video games have already detailed why Freedom Shield, Mercy Culture, and Brittany Dawn are so shady, and how they’re all connected. Wapo also did an article on Mercy Culture (the church she attends).

Rather than attempt to explain, I’ll insert an image from reddit’s brittanydawnsnark on how these things are connected.

It’s also worth noting Brittany and Jordan were initially planning to elope, but “God had different plans” and suddenly they’re having a lavish wedding. Were God’s different plans James’s money that rolled in?

Now, I’m not accusing her of stealing James’s money but [“w]ealth created by a lying tongue is a vanishing mist and a deadly trap,” and “there is nothing hidden that will not be disclosed, and nothing concealed that will not be known or brought out into the open.” Eventually, the truth will come out and given Brittany’s history of scamming, it’s natural people are doubtful of her now. One would think she would desire to clear the air for the sake of her image, yet she’s remained steadfastly silent on the matter of James, the homeless man she was supposedly helping, under the guise of protecting his privacy despite having had months to clarify the situation. The Bible instructs Christians to “abstain from all appearance of evil”, so there’s even a Biblical obligation here for her to illuminate on the situation.

Furthermore, clearing things would be simple; a handful of screenshots proving the money went to James/a family member, or even a message from James/his sister/daddy hustler confirming every cent is going towards him. Even easier, put the money in a trust and post receipts. Neither of them should have any access to this money at all.

Tellingly, Brittany is doing exactly what she did before her fitness scamming came to light: ignoring everything. But if she truly didn’t have any red in her ledger, she could simply show us the ledger and clear everything up.

Rather than address the situation, Brit not only untagged herself from Daddy Hustler’s post, but appears to have unfollowed him as well. Those actions don’t seem like someone who’s merely been misunderstood, but like someone’s trying to conceal something.

Brittany strikes me as a ticking time bomb. Eventually something will blow, shattering her curated image as a “Christian” influencer. Of course, only God knows her heart. But her lack of transparency surrounding this, among many other things, makes it easy to doubt her sincerity now. True repentance indicates a “turning away” from old behavior and a complete change of heart, but her present attitude is no different from her old.

Christians really ought to be sober-minded and alert, careful not to let wolves in sheep’s clothing weaponize Christianity for their own gain. We should expect those whom set themselves up as spiritual authorities to live by Biblical standards and when they don’t, they should be held accountable. No one is perfect and God doesn’t expect us to be. Jesus does forgive and we are called to forgive others as well, but forgiveness isn’t an excuse to continue harmful, toxic behavior, nor does it absolve one of Earthly consequences. Rather, God calls us to repentance and to be holy as He is holy. Forgiveness is an opportunity to genuinely change and encourage others to as well.

To end, some time ago Brittany posted this:

Except the problem isn’t the house. It’s the fact Brittany Dawn is still carrying around the same baggage that weighed her down in the first place.