Analysis: Squid Game’s Sang-woo Did Nothing Wrong

Just kidding.


I like attempting to see the best in polarizing characters so here I am!

Cho Sang-woo serves as somewhat of a foil for Gi-hun. When we’re introduced to Gi-hun, he comes off as a loser. Jobless, he’s giving his daughter toy guns for her birthday, beating up her step-father, and gambling his nameless, ailing mother’s money away. However, Sang-woo is presented as Gi-hun’s opposite: successful, handsome, and intelligent. He graduated from the prestigious Seoul National University and is doing very important business stuff overseas, implying he’s well off financially (and generally).

Alas! Appearances are deceiving.

My boy Gi-hun meets Sang-woo in the Squid Game risking it all for the money bank.

After Death Light, Green Light, the group understandably wants to bounce – yet Sang-woo votes to keep playing. His reasoning becomes apparent when he attempts suicide shortly after returning home; that scene helps us understand why Sang-woo behaves so ruthlessly. It was always a win or die scenario, because Sang-woo has nothing to return to should he lose. Consequently, death isn’t something Sang-woo fears, only losing and as such, he’ll do anything to win.

Yet we see shades of the man he might be, under different circumstances.

  • Sang-woo is the one who mentions the 3rd clause, which is that players can vote to end the game if the majority agrees. This is despite him wanting to continue playing. 15 people didn’t return, so he inadvertently saved 15 lives.
  • When he returns to the “real world”, Sang-woo wakes up next to Ali and my man is still b r o k e. Yet, he lends Ali his phone and gives him what pittance of money he possesses for the bus far. This is particularly noble in contrast to Gi-hun, who accosts Sae-byeok after she frees him. Both of them are only looking out for themselves in that moment.
  • Back in the game, one could view Sang-woo taking Ali under his fold (i.e. offering to teach him about childhood games, telling him to stick with them at night) as opportunistic given Ali was strong, which it was lol. However, Gi-hun would’ve made an adept partner and didn’t have missing fingers.
  • Ali gives Sang-woo his corn as thanks for the bus fare. Food = energy, energy = more likely to survive. Rationally, it made more sense to take it and be #blessed. Yet, he splits it with Ali instead.

Notably, despite being childhood bros Sang-woo never really goes out of his way to help Gi-hun and even avoids his sole opportunity to do so (honeycomb game). But I assumed Sang-woo was simply too embarrassed – Gi-hun is the only person who knows what Sang-woo should be but isn’t. The reality of what Sang-woo is (failure, crook, and fraud) is already too much for him to bear, so it makes sense to avoid the one person who reminds him he’s already failed at everything else, he’ll probably fail at this too.

Speaking of Dalgona candy, why didn’t Sang-woo tell his homie what was up?

  1. Sang-woo wasn’t entirely sure and didn’t want to lead his flock astray. His flashbacks are murky, his expression is hesitant, the clock’s ticking – Sang-woo could unintentionally make things worst by telling them the wrong thing. Splitting up, theoretically, does make the most sense in this scenario.
    • Also they walk into a playground which was likely meant to confuse them, his sole clue is melted sugar, and he had like 5 seconds.
  2. Sang-woo is trash and wanted to cull the herd. Less people = more won for him.
    1. That said, we didn’t know each death directly correlated to more money dropping into the ball until Deok-su curb stomps egg dude.
  3. Sang-woo was trying to cull the herd except specifically Il-nam. Objectively, Trash Grandpa was useless. He’s got dementia, he’s 584724 years old, I wouldn’t want him on my team either.
    • Sang-woo glances at Chaotic Grandpa before talking to Gi-hun. Had he told Gi-hun in that moment what the game was, Gi-hun would’ve screamed this information across the room.
    • Telling Gi-hun and not Ali/Il-nam who were part of his team – how was he going to explain that to them later if they survived?
    • We know Gi-hun was keeping Trash Grandpa around even to his own detriment (as we see during marbles/Tug of War). Sang-woo grew up with Gi-hun and knew him well, so ensuring Trash Grandpa died early in theory would’ve worked in Gi-hun’s (and everyone’s) favor.

Regardless of his reasoning, he does seem genuinely concerned when his pal picks the umbrella. So deep within the Mariana Trench of Sang-woo’s soul is a man who isn’t only thinking of himself but is sincere in his concern about others.

Nevertheless, Sang-woo realizes the illusion everyone can win is false and adjusts himself accordingly as the games progress. Sang-woo is the more desperate and far less optimistic even from the start. He wants to win, not just survive and consequently makes the most rational decisions throughout the game to improve his chances of success. To be fair, the first two games are precisely designed to offer hope. They present the notion anyone can win if they simply work hard and fast enough, and each player is dependent on their own performance for survival. There isn’t a need to directly, or indirectly, harm another player to win.

However, Tug Of War makes it clear, both in the halving of everyone, pitting everyone against each other, and it being a game where individual performance doesn’t matter as much as being in a strong group, the games were not designed to #bless many with the bag.

And Sang-woo wants to win, so during marbles he buddies up with the person who’s both useful and isn’t a reminder of what a failure he really is: Saint Ali.

  • SN: This is where I think Sang-woo could’ve been written slightly better. Like he went from relatively decent to actively trash over the span of a single episode without a bit of hesitation, but I wanted to see him struggle more with his own decaying morality. Furthermore, Gi-hun also manipulated Il-nam while losing, yet doesn’t get nearly as much hate over it despite it arguably being worst given Trash Grandpa had dementia. In fact, the writers deliberately make Gi-hun’s scene heartwarming with Il-nam having known all along what Gi-hun was doing, talking about his past and whatnot, whereas Sang-woo’s is just cold.

Anyway, the game of marbles is a game of thrones luck. One Saint Ali wins.

It’s easy to interpret Sang-woo’s tantrum as a fear of dying, or an attempt to garner pity. However, if we consider this moment in light of the fact he was planning to kill himself anyway (and how readily he offed himself once it was clear Gi-hun won), it seems more like a genuine reaction stemming from a fear of losing. The reality that everything up to that point was going to be rendered worthless because of mere bad luck was too much, so Sang-woo has a BSOD moment before rebooting his wits and realizing he could still win if he screws Ali over (and Ali being the SAINT he is already didn’t want to be playing against his hyung, so tricking that bonehead was easy).

It’s interesting to contrast Sang-woo to Deok-su here, who’s also losing his marbles. Deok-su, despite being active trash since his appearance, suggests playing another game – one he has an equal chance of winning or losing. Sang-woo doesn’t even bother with that – he straight up lies to ensure he gets all 20 marbles.

It’s a cold and ruthless scene in an already heart-breaking episode, but for Sang-woo this moment probably only solidified his resolve to no longer keep up appearances. While Sang-woo does show shades of being a good man, even prior to the games it’s clear he was involved in some shady dealings.

The scene also highlights how capitalism pushes people to only look out for themselves for the sake of their own survival. Sang-woo’s not really the villain here, Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk the VIPs who orchestrated these games for their amusement are the real baddies. And while all the players do willingly choose to participate, they do so out of desperation and not really knowing what they’re getting into until it’s basically too late to back out. It’s no coincidence marbles comes right after Tug of War, a game in which teamwork was tantamount to winning. But now they’re pitted against those whom they’re most likely to trust and who they’ve likely just partnered up with, forcing those like Sang-woo, who were toeing the line between looking out for himself and others, to only act selfishly.

We see this selfishness highlighted during Glass Death Hopscotch; Sang-woo just pushes Glass Guesser Dude to his death once time is almost out (the same man who basically is the reason he’s alive). Later, he kills Sae-byeok (to be fair, she was going to die and it was unlikely the PlayStations/Darth Vader were going to intervene, but it was still a scummy move).

Then, the Squid Game pits the childhood bros against each other and Sang-woo loses. Yet, Gi-hun wants to quit the game and go home with his homie.

But going home was never an option for Sang-woo. The moment what little hope he had was stripped away (the first vote to stop the game), he went charcoal briquette on himself. Sang-woo has nothing to return to (however, it’s interesting to contrast him to Ji-yeong, who also literally has nothing to return to. For Ji-yeong that lack was motivation to sacrifice herself for Sae-byeok, who had a family. For Sang-woo, that lack is motivation to do anything he can to obtain something to live for). It was always a win, or die trying situation, which is why he was willing to do whatever it took to win.

When it became clear he’d lost, he did what’s he’d always been planning to do anyway: killed himself.

Notably, Sang-woo isn’t mad, petty, cold, or vindicative but apologetic. He knows his behavior was terrible and his last wish is that Gi-hun care for his mother. This is telling too, because it goes to show it wasn’t personal. It wouldn’t have mattered who Sang-woo was up against – Ali, Gi-hun, Deok-su – it was all the same to him.

It’s easy to view Sang-woo as terrible because he is lol. But realistically most of us would be a Sang-woo if we were this desperate for money, if we aren’t already.

A single thread of hope, no matter how small, is worth trying to reach. For Sang-woo, that hope was winning the Squid Game and becoming the successful man he was meant to be. Once that thread broke though, there was nothing left for him to live for.

Rating The Bad Boys of Weak Hero pt. 2

Part One.

My criteria for a good villain is based 100% on my personal, garbage opinions but basically:

  1. Their removal would affect the plot
  2. They undergo some change/character development, for better or for worse, as the story progresses
  3. We see different sides of their personality – aka they are presented as complex individuals, who have some good aspects, or we get enough back-story on them that we understand the motives behind their actions
  4. They have some sort of personal goal/motivation that goes beyond, “for the sake of being chaotic and evil.”
  5. They aren’t so OP that no one can defeat them except by random chance or luck
  6. They’re not so weak that they aren’t a challenge for the hero

*Spoilers, also I own nothing. Not even my own soul*

(Seong-je Geum) Wolf Keum

  • threw hands with Donald Na twice (impressive as Donald says when he fights someone, he beats them thoroughly so they don’t challenge him again)
  • was Donald’s fav
  • red blazer instills fear in the hearts of those who see it
  • has beef with Grape and it’s always on sight
  • 3 seconds, bam
  • doesn’t like pretty boys who cry when he fights them
  • is smarter than he initially seems (noticed Jared Sun’s face/realized Rowan wouldn’t have kept lying)
  • beat up Jared Sun
  • probably would’ve killed Jimmy, despite having recently gotten whooped by both Gray Yeon and Donald Na
  • seems to be a decent friend. After his skull was cracked, Red Hair is like “u good bro?!?” and looks genuinely concerned. They’re also seen vibing together.

After losing to the White Mamba, Wolf’s just like, “what a funny dude,” which is an odd reaction to getting knocked unconscious with a potted plant.

Wolf Keum seems to be teetering on the edge of leaving the Union. Given he’s one of the few characters who seemed somewhat humbled by their beating who seems to respect the strength of those who beat him instead of being petty about it, it’ll be interesting to see if he goes round 3 with Donald.

Wolf Keum’s Rating: 8.5/10

(Gong-sam) Sam Lee/Grape

  • Doesn’t like being called Sam, so he goes by Grape I guess because his hair is purple.
  • Grape seems like a decent friend given he’s lost multiple fights but is always seen vibing with the same folks.
  • He can throw hands.
  • He was mad jelly Gray Yeon did what he could only dream of doing, which was murder beat up Wolf Keum.

Grape’s notable for always looking woefully resigned cause with Wolf it’s always on sight, no matter the location, situation, doesn’t matter who else is around either. Wolf’s dislike of Grape is so palpable and notorious even Long Hair of the Mok-ha duo is like, “dude, why’d you beat him after he got trashed already lmao,” (and Long Hair is bat-crazy

In a way, Grape’s pitiful despite generally being a jerk because Wolf seems to be violently yandere for him and unless he moves to another country city or dies, it doesn’t seem like he’s gonna be able to escape him anytime soon.

Grape’s Rating: 7/10

(Hak-ho) Jake Ji

  • Jake is basically Ben with red hair.
  • Crouching Moron, Hidden Bad-Ass.
  • Likes manga, specifically One Piece
  • Has a solid group of ride or dies (Dean, Wings of Peace, Glasses Dude No. 2)
  • Got (narrowly) whooped by Ben Park and admitted he lost
  • Wasn’t really mad about losing to Ben
  • Protected trash Naksung from Zombie Ben
  • Really only joined the Union for the sake of his brother, Kenny
  • Watched Gray and Wolf clobber one another from atop a building
  • Has fabulous taste in hats

One thing I appreciate is how the author often draws Jake’s expressions – he goes from looking very lively, affable, and goofy one second, to looking like he’ll rip your eyeballs out the next (because he will). It’s enough to intimidate even Glasses Dude No. 3 (Kingsley). He loses some likeability for beating up Gerard Jin prior to fighting Ben Park, though this is likely because Jake would only fight seriously if one of his homies got clapped.

Jake is different from the other top dogs as Jimmy was pissed he lost to Ben and sought revenge, and Wolf is generally just a blood knight. But Jake doesn’t involve himself in needless fighting (even Eugene comments that he’s not like other girls dudez). His friends seem to genuinely like him, and they’re seen joking around and talking about things non-Union/fighting related.

Jake Ji ‘s Rating: 9.7/10

(Sehan) Forrest Lee

  • Fights Teddy and Alex and almost wins – the dude has hands
  • Took Myles Joo’s place as HBIC after he defected (or whatever).

He seems like a True Companion too as he’s mostly always seen vibing with the same crew.

Forrest Lee’s Rating: 4/10

(Seung-jin) Myles Joo

  • Hyped up for an entire season only to get brought down at the speed of light by Orichimaru the Mok-ha Duo.

Miles dipped from the Union and doesn’t appear until season 2, but almost everyone knows about him. We don’t know the circumstances of why he left; we barely know what his face looks like, all we know is that he’s uber strong.

Sadly, he wasn’t strong enough to prevent himself from getting clobbered.

Myles Joo’s Rating: 6.3/10

Bryce Oh

Bryce Oh highlights a central theme in Weak Hero: when folks take off their glasses, they become evil.

Bryce Oh is initially a loner, taken in by Saint Stephen Ahn. They get along well enough at first but it’s all downhill once Bryce stops wearing his glasses.

Bryce’s issue was always that he is a worthless, spineless parasite had a severe inferiority complex and wanted acceptance – that’s why he never messed with Gray (because Gray excelled in school, his friendship came with benefits) and why he latched onto Oswald after buying him shoes (cause he was loaded). These traits might make him pitiable but he also desired power. This put him at odds with Stephen, who was content to be nice whether it benefitted him directly or nah. Eventually, those odds turned into resentment once his inferiority complex kicked in and when given an outlet for that resentment, he took it in the form of bullying.

Bryce Oh is one of those characters who, despite my tendency to be enamored by the worst (fictional) characters, is very difficult to sympathize with because there wasn’t much of a reason given for him betraying Stephen and he didn’t even seem a little sorry for, ya know, nearly killing someone who considered him a friend.

His actions inadvertently give birth to the White Mamba though.

Bryce Oh’s Rating: 6.5/10

Oswald Yang

Oswald Yang was trash from the start, so unlike Bryce who was at one point Saint Stephen’s friend, Oswald was a classic silver spoon using their privilege to bully others.

The disturbing thing is how realistic Oswald’s story is – the school does everything to cover bullying that resulted in someone becoming a vegetable because Father Yang is important and has money. It’s something we see in real life all the time – the law being used to protect the wealthy instead of enacting justice.


Oswald Yang’s Rating:

(Jeongwon Seon) Jared Sun

  • basically Phillip Kim lite
  • has 0 fighting abilities
  • lied about everything
  • is not loyal – stole money, framed Rowan resulting in him and Eugene getting a beatdown
  • is generally why Gray ended up in the hospital and Wolf not only got hit with a potted plant, but also inadvertently the reason he got beaten by Donald Na as that situation resulted in Wolf wanting to dip

Much like Phillip and Oswald, he’s born with a silver spoon and uses his privilege to belittle others. He also dug his own grave by being a titanic terror to Chicken Place Dude and his Son. At least those those like Jimmy, Wolf, Forrest, etc. risk their physical health by fighting to gain power, Jared was content sit on the sidelines while others got wrecked.

Jared Sun’s Rating: 3.7/10

(Baek-jin) Donald Na

  • looks like a vampire, which is fitting given he essentially sucks the will out of everyone he encounters via fear and fists.
  • seems to be an orphan.
  • has beaten the snot out of pretty much every top fighter in Weak Hero without breaking a sweat sans maybe Jake as he seemed to have joined “willingly”
  • is like what… 16? 17? And is working with other adults and basically running an empire lol
  • is super smart, having created an impossible math question
  • puts effort into styling his hair
  • has some sick tattoos and jewelry
  • good fashion sense
  • nice office with a good view
  • good with business – he’s making $$$ enough to pay like several different schools

In some ways he’s like Phillip Kim except Donald could for sure kill anyone who challenges him. Like Phillip, Donald’s power is very tenuous in the sense that Jake is only with the Union for Kenny, Wolf had to be beaten into staying, Myles already dipped, and while Jimmy is terrified of Donald, that’s not stopping him from looking for a way out either. All those schools aren’t following Donald so much as following their respective leaders who’ve mostly been beaten or coerced into following Donald. And Ben still won’t join despite having gotten whooped by Donald once. All in all, he’s sort of built his empire on sand.

Speaking of hair, it’s notable that since season 2 began, Donald’s mane is no longer nicely coiffed but usually down, giving him a more sober, unkempt appearance. Is this a sign he’s starting to crack?

Only time will tell.

Donald Na’s Rating: Ben Park’s Sledgehammer Fists KOing Forrest Lee/10

There are more, like Mok-ha, etc. but this it already long and no one’s gonna read it anyway.

Rating the Female Characters In Odd Girl Out

There are a lot of female characters in Odd Girl Out. Thus, I shall rate them.

All characters start with 10 points that get deducted for reasons based 100% on my personal, inane opinions. 

My criteria:

  1. Their removal would affect the plot
  2. They undergo some change/character development, good or bad
  3. We see different sides of their personality
  4. They have a plot of their own that doesn’t revolve entirely around a male character. OR
  5. They are well-developed within the confines of the role they are written to play 
  6. They don’t toss away every traditionally feminine trait in an attempt to be a strong, independent womyn.

*Spoilers, Yo*


  • starts out as the Odd Girl Out in her group of 4 pretty friends.
  • brought a new jacket for school and was looking f r e s h
  • won child Yuna’s cold heart with her kindness and persistence
  • everyone except jelly bishes like her
  • has a lot of bad experiences in school, but doesn’t become a mean girl/bully
  • has 2 side baes (alligator bro and publicity dude)
  • character development is top tier – from the dorky, odd girl out to HBIC of her class, who stands up for herself and her amigas
  • regularly brings her friends pastries from her parents bakery
  • presses charges against glasses dude and basically ends the publicity department
  • despite ending on bad terms with Yuna, was willing to rekindle their friendship in high school
  • made friends with Seonji
  • made friends with Mirae
  • is the reason her friend group exists, basically

Nari, queen of yellow jackets, unifier of different personalities, and a great example of positive femininity.

Nari Rating: 10/10


  • is rich
  • is an actual ice queen but has a good reason for it being her trash elementary teacher brought her entire class over to see Yuna after she’d gotten into a terrible car accident
  • a good friend – realized Nari was a true one, didn’t want to lose that friendship, attempted to make amends by developing communication skills
  • realizes she misunderstood Nari and apologizes
  • writes Nari a letter of apology
  • has no interest in men
  • is basically Nari-sexual but platonically
  • generous towards Nari and her squad financially, letting them stay at her villa and buying them hand lotion that smells great
  • has a pet raccoon

All the drama of S2 would not have occurred if Yuna wasn’t put on a boat and shipped to America. Her departure allowed Nari to come into her own and gave us gems like random panels of Yuna judging everyone from the heavens.

And Yuna develops into a better person too via her friendship with Nari and the others – going from ice queen of the RBF to smiling often (despite being in pain), and also being able to express her feelings to Nari (as well as generally warming up to someone who’s not Nari).

Yuna Rating: 10/10


  • dies her hair blonde, no one notices it’s not natural for an entire season
  • could eat 3 to 33 horses
  • always ready to throw hands
  • pesters Yuna regularly
  • has a dark and troubled past as a child celeb
  • is a good actress apparently
  • her mom is whack
  • likes to sit around Nari’s house and listen to sad music

Mirae is interesting – she honestly was sort of a bully to her classmates when younger, then is edited unfairly in that village kids show, culminating in her previous actions alongside the bad editing resulting in her being bullied. It’s an interesting look at the other side of idols who get caught up in hate brigades, even if for legitimate reasons, and how easily it is for celebs to be misunderstood. However, she now has her true ride or dies and has turned over a new leaf.

Mirae Rating: 10/10


  • all the boys want Seonji; all the girls are mad jelly (except Nari ft. amigas).
  • pretty enough to be an idol; doesn’t have a big ego over it
  • misunderstood because men like her
  • gets lots of gifts for existing
  • genuinely a cinnamon roll
  • could literally eat a horse
  • grew up poor
  • has weird taste in clothes
  • works at Nari’s bakery – is actually good at it
  • was nice to that dude who liked her
  • not very smart, but is the definition of, “at least I tried”

Seonji goes from having zero friends, to having three pretty bffs and she must be protected at all costs.

Seonji Rating: 9.5/10


  • former bffs with Nari
  • jelly of Yuna (literally who wasn’t)
  • jelly of Nari’s relationship with Yuna cause she was always third-wheeling
  • one of tHe BoYz
  • radiates pick me energy
  • ripped up Yuna’s letter, causing a rift between Nari and Yuna

Miji is one of those characters who’re hard to like initially because at nearly every chance to prove herself, she’s selfish. The bright side is that Miji truly realized the error of her ways after being kidnapped by her thug boyfriend.

Miji Rating: 9.2/10


  • isn’t upset when Seonji and Nari want to quit her YouTube mukbangs, instead just having a final going away episode for them
  • not petty or jealous that Seonji and Nari are more popular (for being cute) and get all the good comments
  • kept doing YouTube even after the duo left
  • helps Nari re-shoot her video after Garbage Publicity President made her redo it
  • generally seems nice
  • is a thick girl in a small world

Of all the things that happened in Odd Girl Out, So-Ae turning out to be decent was the most surprising.

So-Ae Rating: 7.9/10


  • back-story reveals she grew up believing herself unique, which explains some of her attitude
  • has some two-faced friends who are just as shady as she is
  • changed her ways, but only because she got a boyfriend who hates bullies

Bin spends a good bit of the story ostracizing Nari because she wants to be popular and the other part of the story trying to look like Yuna. Karma snatches her weave later on as she’s eventually iced out over her behavior. Only time will tell if she’s actually changed, or just pretending for the sake of a man.

Still, Bin provides some top-tier drama.

Bin Rating: 8.7/10

Woori Song

  • undisputed queen of art
  • makes friends with kids like a decade older than her
  • wears glasses
  • into nerdy stuff
  • looks nothing like her older brother (cafeteria dude)
  • Mirae initially thought Woori was judging her art

In some ways, Woori is a bit like Nari. The odd girl out. Fortunately, she’s able to make friends with the older, cool kids.

Woori Rating: 7.3/10


  • always stirring up drama
  • was mean to her sole friend (Yeonhee) for no reason
  • generally a poor friend
  • clingy
  • lies to Yurim
  • makes up stories about Yeonhee being a smoker without actually asking her if she smokes
  • also a thick girl

I actually thought this chick was So-Ae. She’s not, which cleared up a lot of my confusion. In some ways Seolhyeon’s pitiable; it’s clear she wants to be part of a group, any group. The reason she’s not in a group, however, is entirely her fault for being shady, opportunistic, and two-faced.

Nevertheless, she provides an ample amount of drama though there’s not much of a reason given for why she’s so generally terrible.

Seolhyeon Rating: 7/10


  • convinces Nari to join the publicity group
  • seems nice
  • hair always in ponytail
  • helps punish the publicity department

Sunghye Rating: 5/10

Alligator Bro’s Sisters (Haeun and Eunhye)

  • come from a religious family
  • don’t treat their brother well (Chanyang is weird as fudge honestly)
  • one not pictured because I didn’t feel like looking for her
  • one of them gives Chanyang a jacket
  • Chanyang’s family seems to be full of fundie family drama

Alligator Bro’s Sisters Rating: Chanyang Holding An Alligator/10


  • was happy to see her birthday posted on the wall
  • got herself a cake because self-care
  • kinda shy
  • smells like smoke, apparently
  • nice glasses
  • stood up for herself against Seolhyeon

Yeonhee Rating: 8/10


  • looks like a fly at times, a chibi stuffed doll at other times
  • part of Nari’s class
  • always seems pretty happy

Jua Rating: 4.5/10


  • part of the publicity squad
  • Nari had to threaten her with a contract so she’d stop acting up
  • changed her bullying ways
  • threw that one dude’s cranes in the trash
  • was in love with that one dude, got to know him, realized he was trash

Yoojung is actually terrible for a large chunk of her appearance in Odd Girl Out basically because some guy she likes has a crush on Nari. But she has a heel-face-turn after realizing Nari’s actually incredible and toxic femininity isn’t cute. Her character development is top-tier because unlike Bin and Miji (to an extent), Yoojung actually recognizes she’s trash, owns up to it, apologizes, and takes steps to correct her ways by coming clean to the school violence committee.

Yoojung Rating: 9/10


  • passive aggressive level 100
  • alligator bro sees her as a blur in the rain
  • joined the publicity department and is seemingly popular
  • introduced as Nari’s much-admired, smart cousin
  • her dad is broke, so she moved back to Seoul
  • easily believed Seolhyeon and rather than communicate anything with Nari, gets pissy
  • causes like at least 63% of the drama Nari had in the publicity department

It’s hard to tell just what Yurim’s deal is and why she doesn’t bother calling Nari out over supposedly gossiping about her family being broke. Still she provides a healthy dose of drama in S2.

Yurim’s Rating: 8.5/10

Nari’s Other Cousin Yongju Park

Image of brown haired girl wearing heavy make about to complain.
  • wears tons of make-up
  • shady
  • mean to Woori because she’s friends with Nari
  • can’t draw
  • has nice bangs/hair

Yongju Rating: Yuna’s Raccoon/10

There are more (Nari’s mom, Yuna’s trash elementary school teacher, Nari’s mom) but this is getting long…

Who’s your favorite female character in Odd Girl Out?

Sources: Morangg. 2015. Odd Girl Out. Available at: