Rating the Female Characters In Odd Girl Out

There are a lot of female characters in Odd Girl Out. Thus, I shall rate them.

All characters start with 10 points that get deducted for reasons based 100% on my personal, inane opinions. 

My criteria:

  1. Their removal would affect the plot
  2. They undergo some change/character development, good or bad
  3. We see different sides of their personality
  4. They have a plot of their own that doesn’t revolve entirely around a male character. OR
  5. They are well-developed within the confines of the role they are written to play 
  6. They don’t toss away every traditionally feminine trait in an attempt to be a strong, independent womyn.

*Spoilers, Yo*


  • starts out as the Odd Girl Out in her group of 4 pretty friends.
  • brought a new jacket for school and was looking f r e s h
  • won child Yuna’s cold heart with her kindness and persistence
  • everyone except jelly bishes like her
  • has a lot of bad experiences in school, but doesn’t become a mean girl/bully
  • has 2 side baes (alligator bro and publicity dude)
  • character development is top tier – from the dorky, odd girl out to HBIC of her class, who stands up for herself and her amigas
  • regularly brings her friends pastries from her parents bakery
  • presses charges against glasses dude and basically ends the publicity department
  • despite ending on bad terms with Yuna, was willing to rekindle their friendship in high school
  • made friends with Seonji
  • made friends with Mirae
  • is the reason her friend group exists, basically

Nari, queen of yellow jackets, unifier of different personalities, and a great example of positive femininity.

Nari Rating: 10/10


  • is rich
  • is an actual ice queen but has a good reason for it being her trash elementary teacher brought her entire class over to see Yuna after she’d gotten into a terrible car accident
  • a good friend – realized Nari was a true one, didn’t want to lose that friendship, attempted to make amends by developing communication skills
  • realizes she misunderstood Nari and apologizes
  • writes Nari a letter of apology
  • has no interest in men
  • is basically Nari-sexual but platonically
  • generous towards Nari and her squad financially, letting them stay at her villa and buying them hand lotion that smells great
  • has a pet raccoon

All the drama of S2 would not have occurred if Yuna wasn’t put on a boat and shipped to America. Her departure allowed Nari to come into her own and gave us gems like random panels of Yuna judging everyone from the heavens.

And Yuna develops into a better person too via her friendship with Nari and the others – going from ice queen of the RBF to smiling often (despite being in pain), and also being able to express her feelings to Nari (as well as generally warming up to someone who’s not Nari).

Yuna Rating: 10/10


  • dies her hair blonde, no one notices it’s not natural for an entire season
  • could eat 3 to 33 horses
  • always ready to throw hands
  • pesters Yuna regularly
  • has a dark and troubled past as a child celeb
  • is a good actress apparently
  • her mom is whack
  • likes to sit around Nari’s house and listen to sad music

Mirae is interesting – she honestly was sort of a bully to her classmates when younger, then is edited unfairly in that village kids show, culminating in her previous actions alongside the bad editing resulting in her being bullied. It’s an interesting look at the other side of idols who get caught up in hate brigades, even if for legitimate reasons, and how easily it is for celebs to be misunderstood. However, she now has her true ride or dies and has turned over a new leaf.

Mirae Rating: 10/10


  • all the boys want Seonji; all the girls are mad jelly (except Nari ft. amigas).
  • pretty enough to be an idol; doesn’t have a big ego over it
  • misunderstood because men like her
  • gets lots of gifts for existing
  • genuinely a cinnamon roll
  • could literally eat a horse
  • grew up poor
  • has weird taste in clothes
  • works at Nari’s bakery – is actually good at it
  • was nice to that dude who liked her
  • not very smart, but is the definition of, “at least I tried”

Seonji goes from having zero friends, to having three pretty bffs and she must be protected at all costs.

Seonji Rating: 9.5/10


  • former bffs with Nari
  • jelly of Yuna (literally who wasn’t)
  • jelly of Nari’s relationship with Yuna cause she was always third-wheeling
  • one of tHe BoYz
  • radiates pick me energy
  • ripped up Yuna’s letter, causing a rift between Nari and Yuna

Miji is one of those characters who’re hard to like initially because at nearly every chance to prove herself, she’s selfish. The bright side is that Miji truly realized the error of her ways after being kidnapped by her thug boyfriend.

Miji Rating: 9.2/10


  • isn’t upset when Seonji and Nari want to quit her YouTube mukbangs, instead just having a final going away episode for them
  • not petty or jealous that Seonji and Nari are more popular (for being cute) and get all the good comments
  • kept doing YouTube even after the duo left
  • helps Nari re-shoot her video after Garbage Publicity President made her redo it
  • generally seems nice
  • is a thick girl in a small world

Of all the things that happened in Odd Girl Out, So-Ae turning out to be decent was the most surprising.

So-Ae Rating: 7.9/10


  • back-story reveals she grew up believing herself unique, which explains some of her attitude
  • has some two-faced friends who are just as shady as she is
  • changed her ways, but only because she got a boyfriend who hates bullies

Bin spends a good bit of the story ostracizing Nari because she wants to be popular and the other part of the story trying to look like Yuna. Karma snatches her weave later on as she’s eventually iced out over her behavior. Only time will tell if she’s actually changed, or just pretending for the sake of a man.

Still, Bin provides some top-tier drama.

Bin Rating: 8.7/10

Woori Song

  • undisputed queen of art
  • makes friends with kids like a decade older than her
  • wears glasses
  • into nerdy stuff
  • looks nothing like her older brother (cafeteria dude)
  • Mirae initially thought Woori was judging her art

In some ways, Woori is a bit like Nari. The odd girl out. Fortunately, she’s able to make friends with the older, cool kids.

Woori Rating: 7.3/10


  • always stirring up drama
  • was mean to her sole friend (Yeonhee) for no reason
  • generally a poor friend
  • clingy
  • lies to Yurim
  • makes up stories about Yeonhee being a smoker without actually asking her if she smokes
  • also a thick girl

I actually thought this chick was So-Ae. She’s not, which cleared up a lot of my confusion. In some ways Seolhyeon’s pitiable; it’s clear she wants to be part of a group, any group. The reason she’s not in a group, however, is entirely her fault for being shady, opportunistic, and two-faced.

Nevertheless, she provides an ample amount of drama though there’s not much of a reason given for why she’s so generally terrible.

Seolhyeon Rating: 7/10


  • convinces Nari to join the publicity group
  • seems nice
  • hair always in ponytail
  • helps punish the publicity department

Sunghye Rating: 5/10

Alligator Bro’s Sisters (Haeun and Eunhye)

  • come from a religious family
  • don’t treat their brother well (Chanyang is weird as fudge honestly)
  • one not pictured because I didn’t feel like looking for her
  • one of them gives Chanyang a jacket
  • Chanyang’s family seems to be full of fundie family drama

Alligator Bro’s Sisters Rating: Chanyang Holding An Alligator/10


  • was happy to see her birthday posted on the wall
  • got herself a cake because self-care
  • kinda shy
  • smells like smoke, apparently
  • nice glasses
  • stood up for herself against Seolhyeon

Yeonhee Rating: 8/10


  • looks like a fly at times, a chibi stuffed doll at other times
  • part of Nari’s class
  • always seems pretty happy

Jua Rating: 4.5/10


  • part of the publicity squad
  • Nari had to threaten her with a contract so she’d stop acting up
  • changed her bullying ways
  • threw that one dude’s cranes in the trash
  • was in love with that one dude, got to know him, realized he was trash

Yoojung is actually terrible for a large chunk of her appearance in Odd Girl Out basically because some guy she likes has a crush on Nari. But she has a heel-face-turn after realizing Nari’s actually incredible and toxic femininity isn’t cute. Her character development is top-tier because unlike Bin and Miji (to an extent), Yoojung actually recognizes she’s trash, owns up to it, apologizes, and takes steps to correct her ways by coming clean to the school violence committee.

Yoojung Rating: 9/10


  • passive aggressive level 100
  • alligator bro sees her as a blur in the rain
  • joined the publicity department and is seemingly popular
  • introduced as Nari’s much-admired, smart cousin
  • her dad is broke, so she moved back to Seoul
  • easily believed Seolhyeon and rather than communicate anything with Nari, gets pissy
  • causes like at least 63% of the drama Nari had in the publicity department

It’s hard to tell just what Yurim’s deal is and why she doesn’t bother calling Nari out over supposedly gossiping about her family being broke. Still she provides a healthy dose of drama in S2.

Yurim’s Rating: 8.5/10

Nari’s Other Cousin Yongju Park

Image of brown haired girl wearing heavy make about to complain.
  • wears tons of make-up
  • shady
  • mean to Woori because she’s friends with Nari
  • can’t draw
  • has nice bangs/hair

Yongju Rating: Yuna’s Raccoon/10

There are more (Nari’s mom, Yuna’s trash elementary school teacher, Nari’s mom) but this is getting long…

Source: Morangg. 2015. Odd Girl Out. Available at: https://comic.naver.com/webtoon/list?titleId=654774


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