Biblically Feminine Life Hack: Don’t Marry A Dishwasher

Solid advice given dishwashers can’t talk.

Try as I might, I was hard pressed to find any Bible verses forbidding men from washing dishes, vacuuming, or generally taking care of his own house. (?) I mean, why would you not want to take care of your own house? Modern appliances have made cleaning super easy – you can even get a robot vacuum cleaner, for goodness sakes. Doing laundry literally just means dumping stuff into a machine that cleans it for you.

The Bible even specifically talks about men cleaning dishes,
“And I will stretch over Jerusalem the line of Samaria, and the plummet of the house of Ahab: and I will wipe Jerusalem as a man wipeth a dish, wiping it, and turning it upside down.” ( 2 Kings 21:13, KJV)

Not sure where Lori is even getting this idea that men should not be expected to help out with house work from when even the Bible expects men at some point to be wiping dishes aka cleaning. Really, if one partner is overwhelmed with some aspect of life, it seems natural the other partner would just step in and help but I digress. Lori seems to view marriage as a never-ending battlefield in which husbands and wives are constantly fighting against one another over who does what, rather than a reflection of God’s relationship with us, or even a friendship.

Anyway, Paul of the Morgan and Paul show is generally nonsensical, but he posted something semi-related to Lori’s nonsense…

This is hilarious because Paul doesn’t have a job and has on multiple occasions demonstrated he can’t even do something basic like watch a YouTube video to figure out how to put together furniture for his pregnant wife (same wife who also had to pack and move everything whilst heavily pregnant. Like I’m not trying to brag or anything but my non-pregnant self was able to convince several men not in a relationship with me to help me move and didn’t have to life anything heavier than like my pillows, how lazy and selfish is Paul to make his own wife pack up everything, especially when he’s not working? It’s not about being a feminist or capable, it’s about being a decent human being and more so, you can’t claim to be traditionally masculine and into conservative gender roles, while fulfilling none of those roles except spewing opinions on how women should behave. That’s hypocritical and indicates Paul isn’t really interested in traditional gender roles, or even Biblical marriage, so much as controlling what women do, which is not his job. Needless to say, his post makes no sense given that a.) his “job” is in conjunction with his much more interesting wife, Morgan, of whom if she were not part of his ministry, no one would be checking for him and b.) Morgan is the one getting sponsorships, not him, so again…idk but it doesn’t sound like he’s even the breadwinner here.

Most of these conservative men like Paul in relationships who claim to uphold Biblical marriage are not even able, or willing, to hold up their end of the Biblical marriage deal, and I don’t get why Christian women put up with this. Even the Bible calls a man who is unwilling to provide for his own family worst than an unbeliever. Provision isn’t solely financial either, sometimes it can be spiritual, menial, house-work related, or whatever depending on your individual calling. There’s no shame in taking care of kids or doing housework either – that’s not lesser than working a 9 to 5 everyday. Furthermore, there’s no Biblical commandment that prevents women from working, nor any commandment that forbids men from cleaning their own homes and raising their own children.

Anyway, this post has no point other than I randomly got a notification saying my blog was getting an unusual amount of traffic and I was like what blog lol. This happens frequently and I have no clue why I’ll suddenly get like hundreds of views in a single day which isn’t a lot but given my blog is generally low effort anyway and I post about once every month, I’m impressed it’s getting any views at all.

Anyway, life hack: don’t marry a dishwasher, or a jobless man. Instead, marry your maid. You won’t have to vacuum or clean dishes, neither does your husband. Win-win for everyone.


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