Overcoming Days of Hana Trauma

*Spoilers abound*

Picture this: you wake up one sunny morning and go outside to get the mail. It’s a warm, 73°F day with a light breeze that gently wafts through your hair, and you think wow, what a perfect day to go hiking! So off you go hiking.

But two-thirds of the way through your hike, the temperature drops below 0, a blizzard blows in, and basically you die. Because you may have been ready to hike in 73°F sunny weather. But in your Fabletics leggings and tank top, you’re not at all prepared to hike in a blizzard.

That’s essentially what reading Days of Hana is like.

To cope, here are 5 ways to overcome Days of Hana Trauma.

1. Read some other webtoon. 

Orange Marmalade is by the same author (Seokwoo) and has a similar vibe, except everyone doesn’t die in a bloody heap at the end. And there’s nothing that helps one move on from a good story like falling in love with another, even better story. Weak Hero, Bastard, My Boo, and Odd Girl Out are all fantastic and not super depressing.

2. Acknowledge the good things.

  • It’s well-written, has great characters (except Jeff, screw Jeff), and is a compelling story.
  • At least one character we like (Hana) survives. 

3. Appreciate the work the author put into it. 

Days of Hana is one huge metaphor for racism and systematic oppression. The oppressed (the other werewolves) not only accept their captivity but also come to love and protect their oppressors (Stockholm syndrome, anyone?). Yet, despite their religious devotion to their owners, human society treats them terribly and later seeks to eradicate them once they become threatened by the existence of werewolves. 

The author put in a lot of work to create something meaningful and interesting. Let’s appreciate that.

The art work is lit.

4. Print out pictures of Jeff. Burn them.

Jeff from Days of Hana being pimp slapped by Hana

5. Reminisce on the good times Haru, Hana, Hook, et al. had with one another.

Life is short and full of woe. Nevertheless, we still make good memories with those around us while on Earth. Just like in life, focusing on the highs of Days of Hana and the good parts Triple H had (until two-thirds of their untimely demise) can help us recognize that while life (and Days of Hana) might be unfair and traumatic at times, we can still be happy for the good moments we had and the good memories life sporadically gives birth too.

Anyway, staywoke, stayblessed. Stay overcoming the trauma of Days of Hana.

Haru and hook sitting in the green grass beneath a tree, vibing

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