Brittany Dawn’s Dog and The Perils of Oversharing

I’ve blogged about how Brittany Dawn needs to be transparent in the past and I was gonna stop following her in general but alas, “[l]ike a dog returns to its vomit, so a fool repeats his folly.” Since various circumstances ruined my weekend fall hiking plans, I figured why not spend some time working on my blog no one reads (!)

Brittany Dawn’s dog, Brodie, sadly got hit by a car and died.

Yes, Very Sad / Anyway, It Got Me Thinking | Know Your Meme

TL;DR: Brittany and Jordan (her hubby) left their dogs outside in their (“fenced“) yard while they ran to the store and that little, fluffy, teddy bear of a dog got out which… I don’t think she’s faking any sadness here even if she is trying to capitalize off this incident. But this can’t be the first time their dog played Houdini with that fence, so why even take the chance of leaving them outside unattended at all?

That said, everyone is prone to stupidity at times, just it usually doesn’t result in anything bad, so this is excusable.

Anyway, they return to see Brodie in the middle of the street, Brittany rushes over to him, and he’s still breathing. She left a comment on a recent Instagram post, illuminating how she found him (almost decapitated…)

Having been a vet tech or whatever, she knew Brodie was a goner. So Jordan ushered her inside the house (to “protect” her), revved up a friend’s (?) truck, and shot the dog… without even consulting her…

What doesn’t add up is there was enough time for neighbors and whatnot to come out, friends to come over with a truck or whatever, which seems like more than enough time to rush to the vet. If Brodie was still breathing, maybe the wounds looked worst than they were and the dog could’ve been saved. But like, how was his first reaction to just shoot the dog? Not only did Jordan take her inside, get the gun, rev the truck, and then shoot the dog, this all seems to have happened pretty quickly, meaning he/she didn’t even consider another option?

Transparency aside, this is another Nikki Phillippi where Brittany literally didn’t need to share this with anyone. A post saying her dog had been hit and put down was sufficient. The Bible says, “[e]ven a fool is considered wise when he keeps silent.” Not sharing certain things online goes a long way in terms of keeping up a good, public image (course, when you only see dolla signs everywhere, your first thought is always going to be “how can I make money off this” but I digress. There’s a reason Jesus said the love of money is the root of all evil.)

Brittany Dawn has understandably gotten backlash yet, similar to Nikki, seems confused as to why netizens are upset. But it’s one thing to post about your pet dying, an entirely different thing to make a video 8.5 seconds later trying to profit off that death. Given her alleged history of animal neglect (leaving her horse in a stable for so long the stable owners had to call the vet and getting rid of another dog), it’s not a good look.

Brittany Dawn’s unwillingness to address legitimate concerns people have about her and Jordan’s behavior has caused netizens to pick apart everything she says or does. To combat this, she spends a lot of time deleting comments and deflecting any criticism as gossip or slander, yet this seems more concerned with “the appearance of Godliness but denying the power thereof”, and also exhausting. Why waste all this time and energy trying to keep up an image that isn’t even true? As Christians, we don’t have to pretend we’re perfect; God doesn’t expect us to be, and we will struggle with the same things everyone else struggles with. If you literally read the Bible, the early church was shady which is why Paul wrote all those letters. And this was right after Jesus died and these mfs had even seen Him and witnessed His miracles, yet were still acting up – and these weren’t even worldly people, these were believers. We ain’t gotta fake it, but we do need to be transparent about our shortcomings and repentant when we mess up.

Brittany Dawn has already been caught in several lies over the years, yet has displayed a stunning lack of humility or sincere remorse. In fact, her current lifestyle was obtained through lying and scamming people out of money. Proverbs 2:16 says, “[a] fortune made by a lying tongue is a fleeting vapor and a deadly snare” (NIV). CSB calls it “… a pursuit of death.” Harsh words. In fact, lying is one of the seven deadly sins and God calls a lying tongue “an abomination”. Proverbs 12:22 says, “The Lord detests lying lips, but he delights in people who are trustworthy.” Imagine if the church treated liars with the same energy they treat abortion and homosexuality – wouldn’t be a single soul left lmao.

And yet, some of the harshest words in the Bible aren’t directed towards our LGBTQ+ brothers and sisters, nor those who get abortions, but liars. You wouldn’t know that based on how the modern day American church acts though.

Brittany Dawn is long overdue for a video addressing what happened with the GoFundMe money for the homeless man she made a big deal of and then went radio silent about, why she accepted a large loan during the pandemic despite not having a small business, nor doing anything to prevent Covid (wearing masks, encouraging her large fanbase to do so, vaccinations, etc.), Jordan’s troubling allegations that he was fired for not only smashing a black man’s face in the ground and beating him, but laughing during it (and the subsequent lawsuit), her scamming and not refunding people, the list really goes on.

As Christians, we believe God has the power to change a person. That’s why we don’t need to be ashamed of our pasts. In fact, what an awesome testimony Brittany Dawn and Jordan could have if they just sat down, admitted they were trash in the past and probably still are at times, but God is working on them.

Sadly, given her history, she’ll probably continue to delete comments and post TikToks about how amazing sex is if you wait for marriage (lol). In a few months or whatever, the cycle will repeat and she’ll be in another scandal she thinks is a spiritual attack when really it’s just the consequences of her own actions.

It’s sort of ironic her retreat is called “She Lives Freed”. Indeed, John 8:32, when talking about the truth of the gospel says, “[t]hen you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” Perhaps, this weekend Brittany Dawn should meditate on that scripture and remind herself that being honest is a lot more freeing, and feels a lot better, than trying to keep up with a host of different lies.

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