Rating the Bad Boys of Weak Hero Pt. 1

Of Season 1.

Normally, I rate female characters. But that’d be like 2 people (Queen Lily and Julia).

There are, however, loads of bad boys.

My criteria for a good villain is based 100% on my personal opinions but basically:

  1. Their removal would affect the plot
  2. They undergo some change/character development, for better or for worse, as the story progresses
  3. We see different sides of their personality – aka they are presented as complex individuals, who have some good aspects, or we get enough back-story on them that we understand the motives behind their actions
  4. They have some sort of personal goal/motivation that goes beyond, “for the sake of being chaotic evil.”
  5. They aren’t so OP that no one can defeat them except by random chance or luck
  6. They’re not so weak that they aren’t a challenge for the hero

*Spoilers, also I own nothing. Not even my own soul*

(Hyo-man) Colton Choi

  • Awarded for being the first fool to get wrecked by the White Mamba.
  • Pimp slapped by Gray Yeon in the middle of class.

Colton Choi’s Rating: 3/10

(Haiba/ Hee-chol) Helmet/Harper Ha

  • Unfortunately wasn’t wearing a helmet when he got bricked in the face.
  • gets others to do his dirty work
  • switches sides when the literal second it suits him

In a way, Helmet is pitiable because he gets beat once, is bullied and effectively ostracized over his epic loss (it’s hinted his physical appearance plays into his treatment too). He tries to get the job done, but his pen PTSD is so strong a mere clicketh of a pen has him shooketh.

It’s hard to feel sorry for him though, because he’s still a bully.

Helmet’s Rating: 5.5/10

(Tae-oh) Teddy Jin

  • Got beat with a coke can
  • Was strangled with curtains in the middle of class
  • Found a stray cat, took care of it
  • Wears his hair in a fabulous pony-tail
  • Accepted his defeat, didn’t try to get revenge
  • Eventually became friends with Rowan (who apparently talks a lot)
  • Took over his class by challenging Phillip to a brawl on sight
  • Brought Gray coke at the hospital
  • Beat up that weird teacher and those kids who were throwing rocks at Sprite

When I re-read Weak Hero, I’d completely forgotten how much I initially despised Teddy.

Teddy was not only humbled by his curb-stomp but changed his ways too. Realizing his “friends” were fake probably helped him turn over a new leaf. Fortunately, he’s got a fresh home boy, Rowan aka Hyperelbow aka Sidney Guillotine, and he’s part of the Squad now.

Teddy Jin’s Rating: 9.5/10

(Jihoon) Jimmy Bae

  • Has red hair
  • Clearly puts effort into styling his hair
  • Has beaten up many people to get where is he
  • Lost to Ben once, had to be rescued by Donald Na
  • Uses those he bullies as footstools
  • Lost to Ben a second time, wasn’t rescued by Donald Na
  • Gets killed by Wolf Keum in a dream sequence after getting knocked unconscious fighting him

Jimmy is an arrogant jerk, pummeling people for no reason, smoking and generally being a delinquent. His sole good trait is seemingly being a good friend considering Jack is willing to risk his life by leaving the Union’s clutches with him.

It’ll be interesting to see what happens to Jimmy. He wants out of the Union, but even Jack is like, “yeah if we leave we might die, but at least it’ll be me and you dying together, bro,” which is a true bromance if there ever was one.

Jimmy Bae’s Rating: 7.4/10

(Jeongyeon) Jack Kang

  • Jimmy Bae’s bae homie.
  • can throw hands
  • always looks low-key annoyed with whatever is going on
  • is not interested in the ladies
  • is more level-headed than Jimmy, sensing something was amiss with the Myles Joo meeting and preventing them from probably getting killed
  • doesn’t seem interested in the Union (and the money/power it gives them) so much as sticking with Jimmy

For all Jimmy’s abundant faults, he has a friend who’s willing to stay with him wherever he goes. It says something about his character… sort of, since a lot of characters lose their friends/respect once they get wrecked even if they are strong. Fortunately, Jack is a real one.

Jack Kang’s Rating: 8/10

(Pil-young) Phillip Kim

  • Loyalty, loyalty, loyalty – won’t find that here.
  • Gets whooped by Gray
  • Gets scared into submission by Teddy
  • Puts effort into styling his hair

Phillip’s image is accurately described as a sandcastle that eventually crumbles. The dude cannot fight, yet becomes the HBIC by aligning himself with the strong and using his wealth/charisma to win allies.

Phillip Kim highlights a central theme in Weak Hero – a lust for power but how easily that power can crumble when it’s built off fear and fakery. Phillip was like, “a foolish man who built his house on sand. The rain came down, the streams rose, and the winds blew and beat against that house, and it fell with a great crash.”

He’s hard to pity as he’s not loyal even towards his homeboys (such as setting up Jimmy v. Ben Park), and he’s not willing to risk anything personal to get what he wants (he literally can’t fight).

Phillip Kim’s Rating: 7.1/10

Part 2.

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